Our Promise of Quality
Our customers constantly tell us how much they love our produce. We hear over and over again that our produce taste better and stay fresh longer than any other produce. Our secret is simple…McGinnis Sisters produce is literally thousands of miles fresher.

Old Fashioned Standards
Over sixty years ago our father Elwood opened a humble produce stand a block from our house. We hold ourselves to his strict standards and remain one of the only stores in the county that purchases produce daily. Those purchases are not brought to a central warehouse; they are brought right to our store and examined again before making their way to our produce department. This time honored tradition ensures that the fruits and vegetables you serve your family are always at peak freshness and flavor.

Selecting the Best
Our buyers continually search for the best produce available and evaluate crops by the way they look, feel, and of course by taste. It is not uncommon for us to only buy a few bushels from several different sources to be sure that the produce in our stores is the best of the best.

Once the produce reaches our store we examine each product several times a day. Our team members take great pride in their work and leave no stone fruit unturned in their effort to maintain the freshest department in Pittsburgh.

Supporting Local Family Farms
The McGinnis Family has been supporting local family farms for decades. We have always known that nothing taste better than homegrown tomatoes, farm fresh corn or Chambersburg peaches. McGinnis Sisters was also the first retail supporter of the Buy Fresh Buy Local initiative of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture.

We are pleased to offer a wide selection of conventional, certified organic and locally grown seasonal produce. From crisp green lettuce to homegrown Triple B Farm strawberries, you will only find the highest quality produce every time you visit our store.
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