7 Fantastic Food Replacements for Anyone cutting Back on Meals

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This past year has been one that has caused many people to take a good look at their health, their lifestyle, and how their habits are affecting these things. After the fear created by the pandemic, more people than ever are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting their health. There have been many health crazes in this last year and various products have been praised for being great for your health. One trend that was popular during the start of the pandemic was the Chloe Ting “2 Week Shred” which consisted of between 2 and 4 short videos a day for 2 weeks and the results some people recorded were amazing which led to the 2-week challenge to spread. Some of the most popular products from this year include CBD oil, which has many great health benefits most notably as a pain killer, to help with anxiety and even has cancer-fighting properties and so has grown in popularity significantly in the last year. Some people even choose to vape CBD oil, as this involves you inhaling it make sure you research the 7 most important things to be aware of when vaping cbd oil to stay safe. One of the most popular ways people choose to try and lose some weight when they’re on a tight schedule so don’t have enough spare hours a week to put into working out and cooking healthy meals or if they can’t afford a gym is food replacements for meals. If you’re interested in finding some food replacements or substitute healthier ingredients for if you’re cutting back on meals then we’ve found 7 great options, one for each day of the week. 


One of the most widely debated topics in the diet and exercise field is whether people who are trying to cut back on food should eat the egg including the yolk or just use the egg whites. A large percentage of people think that using just the egg whites is better than consuming the whole thing, however, recent studies have shown that eating the yolk too is much healthier. The yolk of an egg has the active ingredient ‘Choline’, this is a fat-fighting ingredient so overall it’s much better. 


If you’re cutting back on how much you eat during meals as you’re wanting to consume fewer calories, then you’ll likely have heard that eating oatmeal is one of the best starts to the day that you can have. A lot of people hear this and instead of eating normal oatmeal, they get instant flavored oatmeal so that it tastes nicer than standard oatmeal of internet casino Vulkan. However, many people don’t realize that flavored oatmeal does not provide the same health benefits as standard oatmeal as it is filled with sugar and artificial flavoring. If you need some additional taste, then a light drizzle of honey should do the trick and will be much better for cutting down on calories. 

Cute Nutrition

While there are lots of food swaps that you can take advantage of to cut back on how many calories you’re consuming at each meal, some people prefer to cut back on meals altogether. There are loads of great brands that have meal replacement products and Cute Nutrition is a highly rated brand. Their most popular product is a chocolate meal replacement shake. This specific product and a lot of the products from this brand are geared towards a woman’s nutritional needs so bear this in mind when looking for a meal replacement product that’s best for you.  


StripFast 5000

This is another fantastic meal replacement brand that specializes in all gym-related things, in particular, meal replacement shakes. Their most popular product is the strip shake superlean, this product is great for both men and women so if you’re cutting back on meals with a partner of the opposite sex then this product will be perfect for you. 


This is another great brand and tends to sell similar products to other brands but at much cheaper prices. Their chocolate high protein meal replacement is their most popular product as it contains 15 grams of protein and most people who try it think it’s delicious. 

Garden of Life

Garden of Life is a slightly more expensive brand to purchase meal replacement shakes from as all their ingredients are completely organic, and they use vegan plant protein. If you’ve converted to a vegan diet, then whilst you get used to the change these replacements meal shakes will ensure you’re getting enough protein and all the nutrients you need. 


Grenade is another popular brand for any protein-related needs. Their meal replacement shakes are often sold in store so if you don’t fancy making your own then this is a great choice for you. 

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