How to Cook a Pizza From Scratch For Beginners


The dough is the crucial base for your pizza and if you do not follow the required steps you could seriously compromise the integrity of your finished product, for simple pizza dough you will need yeast, water, and strong bread flour. Combining the water and yeast and then pouring it into the flour you should knead your dough for a good ten minutes until it is smooth and elastic in texture, after this you should leave the dough in a warm place for about half an hour at least and then you are ready to roll it into the desired shape. 


The sauce is another crucial step in the pizza-making process and the flavors that you choose to incorporate will be surprisingly strong when you take that first slice. Many people choose to go for a classic tomato base but barbecue and pesto sauces have also become very popular. Choosing the right sauce is all down to your personal preference but if you are struggling to decide you should think about your other toppings and which sauce would complement the flavors you are going to add.  


The toppings in my opinion are one of the most important aspects of the pizza, the foods that you choose to go on top of the pizza should be things you enjoy as well as a nice flavor combination when incorporated with the other elements. If you cannot decide on your toppings or if you are planning on sharing your pizza it would also be a good idea to split your pizza in half and do separate toppings so that you can experience multiple combinations and avoid any arguments. Things like different meats, vegetables, and even fruit would be a great idea for a pizza topping and the great thing about making your own would be that you have the freedom to put whatever you want on the pizza.  


 How you cook your pizza is going to have a big effect on the finished product and although the traditional oven is fine and you will get an enjoyable pizza out of it if you want to get your pizza cooked faster than using a brick oven that reaches much higher temperatures than the standard equipment is the best way to go. You can set up a brick oven pretty easily and you will definitely notice the difference with the smoky flavor that is obtained.  

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