Spicing up Spices: 7 Creative Ways to Improve your Seasoning

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Spices are the staple of cooking nice food, without spices then all of our meals would lack flavor and we would be stuck with bland dishes only. Spices are so important in cooking as they are used for many purposes and there are so many spices it’s possible to create so many different flavors. By adding spices into your meals, it adds an amazing aroma which is one of the first things that matter when deciding if we want to eat a meal and spices don’t just add flavor but spices like salt and cumin bring out the natural flavors of the foods you’re cooking. You can make any flavors that you want with spices whether you want to sweeten up your meals or add a big kick of heat, anything is possible with spice. Spices are so popular that dried herbs have actually become a popular flavor for vape liquid, if you’re a vaper then you should try out one of these flavors, but make sure you know how to tell when a disposable vape is empty because if you try to smoke it when it’s empty it will put you off the flavor. As using spices can be intimidating when you’ve just started cooking from scratch, we’ve found 7 creative tips to help you. 


Salt is one of the most important ingredients to add to any meal as it does such a fantastic job of bringing out natural flavors of food, however, there are many different types of salt and they should not all be used for the same purpose. Kosher salt is the most commonly used and is the most versatile as the crystals dissolve quickly so it can be used in almost any cooking scenario. Table salt on the other hand is much finer and is better suited for adding to things like chips than to cook with. The final type of salt is coarse salt, this is much larger and is not used as much in cooking, but used at the right time will be delicious. 



Pepper, like salt, is one of the most commonly used spices for seasoning and the 2 go hand in hand. Like salt, there are several types of pepper too which are best suited for different purposes. It may seem strange but how you grind up your pepper can massively change the flavor of your meals. Finely grounded pepper should be used in things like sauces and remember a little of this goes a long way as it is packed with flavor. Coarse ground pepper is more commonly used as it has a less intense taste and this is great for seasoning meat or for finishing off dishes at the table. 


Season from high up

This is one of the best tips that you can be given when you’re starting to learn how to season your food properly. When you see chef’s doing this it isn’t just to make them look cool it has a functional purpose too, it gives even coverage. If you add in your spices too close then parts of your food will have more flavor than others, by doing it from high up you can ensure that the spices are spread across your food evenly.  


Toast your spices

If you’re new to cooking from scratch you most likely won’t have heard of this before and might even be confused by it, but trust us this is one way to make your food extra delicious. To do this all you need to do is set your hob to medium heat, add your spices to a pan and toast them, as soon as you can smell the aroma take them off the heat to prevent them from burning. Doing this adds extra flavor and makes them even tastier. 


Use a coffee grinder

This is one of the most creative tips we’ve found as it only involves using other items from your kitchen to give your meals an additional kick. Fancy spice grinders can be expensive and people who are new to cooking may feel like they need to purchase them, but in reality, a coffee grinder will do the job just as well as any If you’re worried about your coffee tasting spicy then another great tip is to grind up some white rice as this will remove any traces of spice and your coffee will taste normal. 


Hot food vs cold food

When you just start cooking, you’ll probably think that the same applies to hot food and cold food but when it comes to seasoning that isn’t the case. People are able to taste hot food much more than they can cold food, this means if you’re making a cold dish like a salad, you’ll need to add more seasoning to make sure you can fully taste the flavor. Many people don’t add salt to their salads but adding salt and dressing ties the meal together and makes your salads taste much better. 



Sugar is often overlooked when it comes to seasoning food but if you’re making savory food, if you add sugar this will actually enhance the flavors from the savory food rather than making it sweet. Some of the best foods to season with sugar are roasted carrots and tomatoes.  

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