Understanding Wine: How to Properly Pair Wine with Food

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Something that you learn as you get older is that there is nothing better than a delicious glass of wine with dinner. Having the right glass of wine really complements whatever meal you are enjoying and really brings out all of the rich flavors that your meal may have.  

When you go to a restaurant, the sommelier will recommend a wine for you and usually accompany this with some interesting facts or some of the best wine puns you have probably ever heard. Pairing wine at a restaurant is easy because the work is done for you, but doing it yourself is not as straightforward. You would think that any wine goes with any meal, but that really isn’t the case. Pairing the wrong wine with your dinner can be disastrous as the wine can bring out flavors that you most probably don’t want it to, such as bitterness or overwhelming acidity. 

Unless you are someone that is quite clued up in the world of wine, picking out a bottle to have with dinner is usually a guessing game that is based on what you usually enjoy drinking. What you may not know is that properly pairing your wine with your meal is a complicated process that takes some thought. However, once you really understand the food and wine that you consume, it becomes much easier to figure out, and eventually picking out a wine for your meal becomes second nature.  

If you have stumbled across this article, then it is likely that you are in need of some assistance when it comes to pairing your wine with your food. Worry not, here is how to properly pair wine with food.  


The wine should be sweeter than the food 

There is nothing grosser than settling in to eat a sweet dish and then having to wash it down with something that has quite a null taste. When you are thinking about pairing a wine with your meal, you should consider what meal you are planning on making. If you are making a meal with a lot of sweet elements, then you should look into purchasing a dessert wine.  

If you are making a more hearty meal, then you will find that it is much easier to find a wine as most wines are quite sweet and so will match up perfectly with your hearty dish. If you find yourself at the store and you are still struggling to pick out a wine, don’t be afraid to ask a store assistant for a little help. They most likely get asked for wine advice quite regularly and so even if they are not experts, they should be able to offer you some useful advice.  


Aim for the same flavor intensity  

If you are making a meal that is packed with flavor, the last thing that you will want is to pair it with a drab wine that takes away from the flavor experience. Make sure that the wine that you purchase has a complex flavor profile if you plan on creating an extravagant meal. You want everything in your meal to match up perfectly and so you need to ensure that the wine you serve is as loud as the drinks that you serve. If you go to your local wine store, the more powerful wines are usually kept together and if you go to a good wine store, they are usually more than happy to let you taste the wine so that you can use your own taste buds to try and make comparisons with the dish that you have planned. 


Match your wines with your fats 

If you are making a meal that is high in fats, such as a cheesy dish or something with a lot of fatty meat, then you will want to try and find yourself a more bitter wine. For a lot of people, a bitter wine may seem off-putting but a bitter wine is necessary for cutting through the fats of your meal and it balances the whole dish out really nicely.  

You don’t have to go for something intensely bitter if that is not what you enjoy and you can easily find a bitter wine with some fruity undertones.  

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